Inspection of Pulp Mill Equipment

  • Inspections are comprehensive; you will be able to plan effectively and efficiently for all scheduled maintenance.
  • Invaluable in planning maintenance operations that are cost-efficient and preventative.
  • Cost of inspections is more than offset in the avoidance of equipment failure and unscheduled downtime at your pulp mill.
  • Washer Drum Inspections.
    • Areas of inspection generally include internal and external structural components, Valve Area, Journals, Gear Case, Vats, Take-Off devices, Repulpers and Showers.
    • Primary goal of Washer inspections is to avoid equipment failure and unscheduled down time.


  • The expertise and experience housed at ORAMAC is available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week to help you find solutions to your process or equipment problems.
  • Diagnostic services are available to aid in detecting problems with your pulp washing equipment.


Maintenance and repairs on Pulp Washing Systems are performed only by experienced and expert technicians. Whether you're replacing a Facewire, or rebuilding a Gearcase, your work will be completed on time and always to your complete satisfaction.

  • Installation services encompass tasks as large as complete washing stages to the smallest parts and components.
  • Rebuilds - Many components can be rebuilt in the field by ORAMAC technicians. Rebuilding a part or component can extend the life of your equipment at a rate comparable to a new replacement component, often at half the cost. Not only can you expect extended service life from your equipment, in many cases we can provide improved performance with design modifications.
  • Expert repairs utilize state-of-the-art material composition analysis to determine metallurgy, protecting against unnecessary failure. We also employ laser technology for expert alignment services and ultrasonic technology for enhanced troubleshooting of your equipment.
  • Oramac can provide a consignment parts box to have on hand during annual shutdowns or any maintenance outage. Unused parts are returned to Oramac and re-stocked at no extra charge.

Oramac, Inc.

ORAMACís mission is to serve the Pulp and Paper Industry by providing extraordinary service and the highest quality product at the best possible price.

"The real need in the Pulp & Paper Industry is for true customer service. At ORAMAC our definition of success is providing our customers with a caliber of service that exceeds their expectations."

- Jeff Oram, President

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