There are significant benefits associated with the use of diagnostic equipment that employs state-of-the-art technology. Maintenance operations are performed in a more efficient, cost effective way, with greater accuracy than ever before.

Ultrasonic Equipment

With the use of Ultrasonic technology, the detection of equipment leaks and bearing wear is accomplished quickly and accurately, requiring far less guess work than conventional methods.
  • Detect leaks in Washer Drums in less time.
  • Replaces pressure testing on Drums.
  • Able to determine wear on bearing equipment without having to disassemble pulp mill equipment.
  • Detect need for lubrication at the bearing.

Material Composition Analysis

Using state-of-the-art material composition analysis technology, ORAMAC technicians are able to make a positive material identification in the matter of seconds. Correct identification of metallurgy is critical when assessing for repairs and installations, protecting your mill from unnecessary equipment failures and downtime. Material analysis can be useful when assessing spare or used parts to be installed in your mill, to assure the greatest longevity of your equipment.
  • Lab quality material analysis completed in a matter of seconds.
  • Faster and more cost effective than lab work.
  • Protects your equipment from unnecessary failures, eliminating unscheduled downtime and saving your maintenance dollars.
  • Identifies material composition of used equipment that is being considered for installation, assuring longevity.

Laser Alignment

Poor alignment of your Drive System causes wear and premature failure of couplings, bearings and motors. ORAMAC uses improved laser alignment technology to evaluate your washer and repulper drives. We specialize in shaft and motor coupling alignment, but are happy to discuss the application of the technology anywhere in your pulp mill.
  • Today's laser technology is vastly improved over earlier systems.
  • Routine alignment readings are important and laser technology will help you to adhere to the recommended schedules.
  • Alignment evaluations will be completed more quickly and accurately than with conventional methods.
  • Bearings, couplings and motors will provide you with longer service life if properly maintained.

Oramac, Inc.

ORAMAC's mission is to serve the Pulp and Paper Industry by providing extraordinary service and the highest quality product at the best possible price.

"The real need in the Pulp & Paper Industry is for true customer service. At ORAMAC our definition of success is providing our customers with a caliber of service that exceeds their expectations."

- Jeff Oram, President

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