The design of many seals on the market today cause damage and wear to equipment, which increases your maintenance budget. ORAMAC seals reduce the amount of damage done to your equipment which reduces unnecessary maintenance and repairs, saving you money.

ORAMAC Premium Oil Seal

The ORAMAC Premium Oil Seal consists of a single, molded piece, operating free of any springs or retaining elements. The design is profiled for a stable fit at the Gearcase, providing an enhanced sealing lip, which is effective even on badly grooved Trunnion surfaces.

The seal is effective on worn trunnions, imposes less wear during operation, and provides longer service life. THERE IS NO BETTER SEAL AVAILABLE TODAY.
  • Enhanced sealing lip that is effective even on badly worn Trunnions
  • Imposes far less wear on equipment surfaces
  • No springs or retaining elements
  • Reduced oil loss, less downtime, streamlined gearcase maintenance
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed

ORAMAC Journal Seals

ORAMAC Journal Seals provide an efficient alternative to conventional packing on Trunnions, Tail shafts, and Repulper Shafts. These seals can extend the life of your pulp washing machinery because they eliminate the wear imposed by packing.

The seals are available in materials that withstand brownstock and bleach services, and install in a fraction of the time it takes to replace packing.

The enhanced design includes a seal retainer which aids in maintaining seal position. The Flush Ring lubricates the seal which greatly reduces the amount of friction on the packing sleeve. The optional Flow Meter allows for superior control over water pressure being applied to the seal; the correct psi is crucial to the effectiveness of the seal.
  • Imposes less wear on sealing surfaces than conventional packing
  • Lasts longer than packing
  • For Trunnions, Tail shafts and Repulper Shafts
  • Optional Flow Meter controls the water flush to assure the seal is kept clear of pulp
  • Seal Retainer helps maintain seal position

ORAMAC DF-II Seals (for Discharge Valve Assemblies)

The DF-II Seal is a mechanical seal installed at the Discharge Valve and Trunnion. The Seal was designed to replace packing at the Discharge Valve.

This unique design uses air to provide uniform application of pressure around the seal. Sealing is accomplished by presenting a beveled surface to the inner corner of the trunnion's wear sleeve. This system not only provides a more effective vacuum seal, it also extends the life of your equipment by reducing the wear caused by packing.
  • The user-friendly design solves adjustment and vacuum loss problems
  • Replaces packing at the Discharge Valve
  • Eliminates damage caused by packing
  • Uses air to provide uniform application of pressure around the Seal

Oramac, Inc.

ORAMAC's mission is to serve the Pulp and Paper Industry by providing extraordinary service and the highest quality product at the best possible price.

"The real need in the Pulp & Paper Industry is for true customer service. At ORAMAC our definition of success is providing our customers with a caliber of service that exceeds their expectations."

- Jeff Oram, President

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